The fruits of the traditional skills cultivated for a very long time

Since Edo period, our traditional techniques and methods have been developed through tons of trial and error. We still face a lot of challengers to create innovative products without being self-conceited. 

Inspiration from Mother Nature

Surrounded by beautiful mother nature and archetypal sceneries of Japan, here our creativity is born. The curvey beauty in the natural world has been giving our design a lot of inspiration. And the clear water and organic soil grow luxuriant forests which have become the core of our products.


Soul Dwelling

In Japan, since ancient times, it’s been believed that the spirit resides with everything in the universe. We have cherished this concept in manufacturing our products. Our products are the fruits of blessings from mother nature and the traditionals skills that have been practiced for a very long time. We can now silently be proud of them. 

We hope you enjoy the depth of Japanese handicrafts in this age of mass consumption.