13235610_1055317344516116_3677060848087167631_oTouch the genuine atmosphere

It’s not exaggerating to say that the essential atmosphere of Japan doesn’t remain in major sightseeing spots anymore. The number of tourists who visit Japan now hit 20 million and will keep increasing toward the Tokyo olympic games 2020. Major sight seeing places are extremely crowded and noisy today, which unfortunately spoil the tranquil atmosphere of the places. As you may know, silence is really important to feel something deeply and is the essence of Japanese traditional cultures.

In rural area of Japan, there still remain a lot of archetypal sceneries that contain the genuine atmosphere. However those places are not informative and hard to find. So we’ll be the bridge to connect you.

Our staff members are avid travellers who have explored areas throughout Japan. From Zen tourism and spa/hot spring tourism to culinary and cultural/heritage tourism, we are here to help you find the explorer within.