Tsuiki-douki (Beaten Copperware)

Tsuiki-douki is a traditional craft passed down since the Edo era, in which a sheet of copper is hammered down by hand to form all kinds of metalware, ranging from utilitarian pots to more decorative items. In the manufacturing process, whenever the copper reaches a certain level of hardness, it is heated and then further hammered down – a method that requires a great deal of patience and sensitivity.

The completed product is not only beautiful, but due to its heat-conducting qualities, has the effect of making drinks more enjoyable – such as when a cold drink is poured in, the liquid chills the body of the container, creating a pleasant cool sensation when your lips touch the rim.

Over years of use, the colour of the copper gradually becomes deeper and more complex, and through those years of polishing, a sense of attachment can grow – that is the kind of vessel this craft creates.

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